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When faced with a wide range of choices for wedding banquet venues in the market, how can one select the most suitable venue? The key points to consider during the selection process include determining the number of tables, budget, and considering other important details. Apart from the basic considerations of guest count, table numbers, and budget, there are several other important factors to pay attention to when selecting a banquet venue.

The key selection criteria for wedding banquet venues can be categorized into five categories: 1. "Menu and beverage options", 2. "Price and payment methods", 3. "Ambiance, decoration, and facilities", 4. "Staff and additional services", and 5. "Location and transportation options". Here is a summary of the key questions regarding wedding banquets:

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【Menu and Beverage Options】

  1. How many courses are included in the wedding banquet menu? What are the names and contents of the dishes? What ingredients are used? What is the serving order of the dishes?
  2. What are the prices of the wedding banquet beverages? Is there a corkage fee for bringing your own drinks?
  3. What is the tasting date for the wedding banquet dishes? Is there a discounted price for the tasting? Can the dishes vary based on seasonal details?
  4. Is it possible to customize the menu and change specific dishes? How is the pricing for customized meals determined?
  5. Can the banquet provide vegetarian options? Is it charged per person or per table? What is the latest confirmation date?
  6. How will the venue handle unexpected increase or decrease in guest numbers?
  7. Besides the dishes included in the menu, are there any additional complimentary beverages, champagne towers, wedding cake desserts, or wedding favors?
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【Price and Payment Methods】

  1. What is the signing timeframe? When should the guest count be confirmed? What are the deadlines for paying the deposit and the final payment?
  2. What is included in the banquet charges? Does it cover the meal cost, venue fee, equipment fee, and service fee?
  3. What is the total amount for the banquet? How much deposit is required?
  4. What payment methods are accepted for the banquet? Is there a surcharge for credit card payments?
  5. Can an official invoice be issued? Is there any discount if an invoice is not required?
  6. Is it possible to adjust the guest count or table numbers on short notice? What are the charges for adding or reducing guests or tables?
  7. What is the overtime fee policy for exceeding the designated event time?
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【Ambiance, Decoration, and Hardware Facilities】

  1. What are the indoor and outdoor areas available for use? Is it a separate space? Will the banquet hall be shared with others?
  2. What is the venue's hall type, floor, and capacity in terms of guest count and table numbers? How many guests can each table accommodate?
  3. Are there any time restrictions for using the banquet venue? When can preparations and rehearsals be arranged? What is the latest time for the event to end? Are there any specific venue regulations?
  4. Does the wedding package include venue decoration? What is the designated time for venue setup? What is the designated time for cleanup after the event?
  5. Does the banquet hall have audiovisual equipment for playing music and videos? What lighting effects are available?
  6. Where is the ceremony stage located in the wedding banquet venue? What is its size? What is the entrance route?
  7. Is there a bridal room or a resting lounge available? What is the layout and access route? Is there an additional cost for it?
  8. Are there designated areas for guest sign-in, photography, and gift reception? What is the length of the gift reception table? How many people can be seated there?
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【Service Personnel and Additional Services】

  1. Will there be dedicated service personnel on the day of the wedding banquet to guide guests and assist with on-site coordination?
  2. How many tables will be assigned to each service personnel? Will the service personnel be available to replenish beverages and change utensils?
  3. Does the wedding package include a wedding coordinator or emcee? What are the associated costs?
  4. Are table cards, menus, wedding guestbooks, name tags, or large photo displays provided? What are the associated costs?
  5. Are floral balloon decorations provided? Is there the option for flower petals, bubble machines, ribbons, or confetti cannons? What are the associated costs?
  6. Are there provisions for red carpets, tablecloths, and chair covers? What colors and styles are available?
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【Geographical Location and Transportation】

  1. What is the geographical location of the banquet venue? Do they provide a transportation map and business cards?
  2. Is parking available? How many parking spaces are provided? What are the parking rates?
  3. Are there public transportation options nearby? Do they provide shuttle services for guests?

【Wedding Venue Selection Checklist】

In order to conveniently save the information, we have compiled the relevant questions into a checklist form. Simply copy and print the image, and you can go through each item to quickly and efficiently ensure that no questions are missed.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs. If you would like to inquire on-site, remember to make an appointment in advance with our Sunlight Wedding Consultant. You can reach us at +886 3-959-5685 (phone), +886 3-959-4320 (fax), or via email at service@loherb.com.tw.

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Pick a Perfect Wedding Venue - LOHERB (2024)


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