Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (2024)

25 Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Wedding Season!


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The trends for lehenga colour combinations in the bridal world are forever evolving. Millennial brides have been smashing stereotypes and coming up with some drool-worthy lehenga colour combination ideas. But before choosing a wedding lehenga colour combination for yourself, it’s best to have a colour scheme in mind for concocting a statement look.

You can achieve a perfect palette of colours by playing around with a range of contrasting or complementing hues in your lehenga blouse, skirt and dupatta. Although traditional red is an excelling shade for your wedding ensemble, you should not miss out on unique bridal lehenga colours like pastels, English colours and nudes that have been trending tall off-late. Brides have been pulling off some stunning colour combos, like red and green, pink and golden, lime and peach or even ombre and multicoloured lehengas, with all grace and beauty.

You can choose lehenga colours to be in harmony with your event’s theme or pick a combination to go twinning with your partner! It’s best to take a look at the colour wheel to make sure you know what colours can be paired to create unique combinations that will stand out in the crowd! You can either pick colours you love or choose those that define your personality and style. After all, you can only slay an outfit if you feel confident in it.

So, as usual, we’ve done all the research work for you and created a handpicked list of latest lehenga colour combinations of 2024. There’s a wide range of trendy bridal lehenga colour combination and shades to choose from like ivory, lilac, pink, wine, gold, green, orange and more. Find the one you resonate with the most and get ready to save it before you lose it!

Ombre Lehenga Colour Combination: Teal Blue, Aqua, Parrot Green & Sea Green

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (1)

We love how the bride chose stunning gradient blue and green lehenga colour combinations that blend perfectly. The intricate golden detailing further amps up the look and brings in a fresh bridal feel. Such lehenga styles are perfect for a mehndi ceremony.

Latest Trending Bridal Lehenga Colours: Beige & Ivory

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (2)

Cream is yet another colour that complements a lot of shades. Kalki fashion’s simple lehenga colour combination features a cream lehenga with floral embroidery and a sheer carrot dupatta is a perfect pick for minimal brides who gravitate towards lighter shades. The fresh and subdued shades as such work best for a day wedding in summers.

Multi Color Bridal Lehenga: Turquoise, Lotus Pink, Magenta and Blood Red Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (3)

This gorgeous multicoloured zardozi designer lehenga by Tarun Tahiliani masterfully combines dark and light hues of pink & red with a contrasting shade of turquoise blue. The result is a contemporary lehenga with a traditional charm that automatically hypnotizes the onlookers. We highly recommend this wedding lehenga colour combination for brides who wish to try something new, without straying too far away from the norms.

Bridal Lehenga Colours of 2024: Lilac and Light Baby Pink Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (4)

Lilac is undoubtedly the most popular colour to wear for brides who love to keep it fresh and elegant. This bride slays the outfit rich in floral details and makes sure her wedding theme matches the light outfit. Coupled with nude makeup, these outfit offers the best bridal lehenga colours for a day wedding.

Berry Red, Rama Green & White Lehenga Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (5)

This couple took their twinning game to a different level with a stunning play of lehenga colour combinations. Bold yet contrasting shades of red and green are skillfully neutralized with golden embroidery, motif work and a white dupatta. It’s the best lehenga colour choice for brides who want to try out bold and contrasting bridal shades.

Silver and Navy Blue Ombre Bridal Combination

Ombre lehenga combinations are one of the latest lehenga trends in 2024 that are taking the bridal world by a storm. This silver lehenga with gradient hues of blue from icy to navy features intricate silver threadwork to complement the palette. It’s an excellent pick for night events like sangeet and co*cktail. You can also complement your outfit with different bridal hairstyles according to the event.

Unique Bridal Lehenga Colors: Cherry Red, Turkish Blue and Saffron Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (7)

Here’s another pick with multicoloured crafstmanship in shades of blue, red and orange colour lehenga combination which is perfect for brides looking for bold and experimental shades. The floral applique work lehenga and intricate blouse neutralise the stark contrast while the plain tangerine dupatta with gold gota work border adds a fresh pop of colour, without appearing overdone. Try picking this outfit for either sangeet or engagement ceremonies.

Bridal Lehenga Colors for a Shimmery Night Wedding: Salmon Pink and Gold

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (8)

Looking for a classic and timeless combo? Pink and golden lehenga choli colour combinations is a stunning contemporary that can easily be a head-turner in all evening wedding events. Although, usually bright and vivid hues look better for night weddings, pastels and light colors with a bit of gold and shimmer is all you need to glam up your evening! Since pink and gold are mild colors, all minimal brides would love this combo. This can also work as an outfit for bridesmaids!

Rani Pink and Bottle Green Sabyasachi Lehenga

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (9)

Pink & Green has to be the best colour combination for a bridal lehenga anytime! This Sabyasachi bride looks ethereal in her rani pink and green banasari lehenga with burgundy zardozi borders, golden bridal choker and kaleeras. The dark bottle green dupatta and blouse is in stark contrast with the bright rani pink lehenga. It’s one of the best lehenga colours for the wedding of fair-skinned brides and those looking for bold contemporary combinations.

Lime and Peach Lehenga Contrast Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (10)

Out of all the colours that can be paired with lime green, peach is one of the best complementing colours. This lime green and peach lehenga contrast are perfect for morning celebrations like haldi and mehndi. Like this bride in her Mrunalini Rao lehenga, you can also twin with your partner and get adorable photographs!

Red & Rose Pink Combination Lehenga

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (11)

The traditional hues of red can be matched with the contemporary shades of pink to concoct this fusion floral zari work bridal outfit. It’s the best lehenga colour combination for brides who want the best of both worlds. Bold makeup and heavy golden jewellery would work best with a pink and red combination lehenga like this! Your night wedding can easily brighten up with this pick.

Pastel Shades Lehenga Colour Combination: Sky Blue and Powder Pink

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (12)

Sky blue and pink combination lehenga is one of the most contemporary and aesthetically pleasing picks in the list. This bride donned up in a silk sky blue lehenga with silver zari work, a silver crop blouse and light pink organza dupatta. While the sky blue and pink are show-stoppers, the silver in this outfit acts as a mediator that neutralises any stark difference in colours. It’s a perfect pick for sangeet, engagement and even for bridesmaids.

Coral extravaganza: Sage Green & Orange Colour Lehenga Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (13)

Out of other combinations for these shades, orange and green work exceptionally well with each other. The result is a jaw-dropping bridal lehenga in contrast colour, just like this bride. While the colour orange with it’s silver zardozi work is prominent in this outfit, the sheer green dupatta does a perfect job in creating a subtle contrast without looking too overpowering. Plus bright and warm colours like orange are best for dusky brides with a dark complexion!

Cobalt Blue, Silver and Hot Pink Lehenga Colour Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (14)

Brides looking for a bold pop of colours in their mehndi or engagement ceremony will love this blue and hot pink bright colour lehenga combination. This bride added an extra dash of sass by pairing her lehenga with silver sneakers! That’s a big yes because who wants to run around in heels when you have your comfortable sneakers at hand.

Purple, Violet, Gold and White Bridal Lehenga Colour Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (15)

As a neutral shade, white will be a bride’s best friend that looks gorgeous with almost any colour lehenga. This bride chose white as her base lehenga colour and paired it with a banarasi embroidered dupatta in lavender hues with a gorgeous coordinating lehenga latkan to add to the zest. There’s a bold charm in the outfit, complemented by a golden tree, peaco*ck and dulhan motifs which bring the outfit together to form a head-turning trousseau for a day wedding.

Beige, Royal Blue, Gold and Fuschia Pink

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (16)

Make your bridal lehenga style as unique as you are by experiment with gold, fuchsia and blue colours. The silk banarasi beige lehenga with blue detailing, blouse and a rani fuchsia dupatta is enough to charm your guests. It’s not necessary to have one or two colours in your outfit when you can have fun with a plethora of bridal colours!

Nude Grey and Deep Wine Designer Lehenga Combination by Manish Malhotra

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (17)

Manish Malhotra’s grey bridal lehenga with golden zardozi thread work and a wine dupatta is an excellent example of how grey red lehenga combinations work. Brides of all skin tones can slay this contemporary fusion look with bold makeup and bridal jewellery. It’s a different colour bridal lehenga that checks the boxes of both traditional and contemporaries.

Lemon Yellow Lehenga Combination with Pistachio Green and Olive Green Dupattas

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (18)

Style your lemon-yellow haldi lehenga by pairing it with a contrasting colour of emerald green and a neutralising white. Such colour-popping lehenga combinations would look best with nude makeup and light accessories. It’s a lovely pick for brides of all skin tones! This lehenga yellow combination is simple yet enchanting enough to make you a show-stopper.

Lehenga Colors for Day Wedding: Champagne and Mauve Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (19)

A champagne golden contrast lehenga is a must pick for brides who love all things shimmery and sparkly. Such a neutral colour can be paired with either bold or lighter shades like this bride who picked a lovely light violet. While the lehenga is stuffed with golden sequin work, the violet counteracts with simplicity to make an aesthetically pleasing blend. You can either pick this bridal lehenga colour combination for your sangeet, co*cktail or even your night wedding.

Silver and Black Lehenga

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (20)

While black can suit almost any colour in the colour wheel, silver looks best alongside black for an Indian bride. This flared georgette black lehenga with silver sequin blouse is best for minimal brides or bridesmaids who love the gothic charm of black. You can wear this contemporary and trending chaniya choli colour combination in your co*cktail or as a bridesmaid outfit.

Mustard, Dull Gold and Cream Colour Lehenga Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (21)

Minimal brides can pair their ivory lehengas with a mustard yellow dupatta for an aesthetically pleasing look that charms all guests. The embroidery and mirror work complements the outfit to exude a delicate vibe. It’s also best to colour code your outfit with your partner as well as the venue theme for a picture-perfect photoshoot!

Marsala and Golden Contrast Lehenga

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (22)

Leaning towards the traditional spectrum, marsala brown & gold lehenga combination is an all-time classic that would suit all brides. This particular piece has animal motifs and floral zardozi work on borders and a unique cut out crop blouse. If you prefer traditional shades but still wish to have a contemporary touch, you can always experiment with your blouse designs! Marsala and Gold are the most classy bridal lehenga colours for a night wedding.

Pista and Dusty Rose English Colour Lehenga Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (23)

Brides with a knack for pastel palettes gather round. You’ll adore this simplistic pista and pink combination lehenga featuring a chikankari lehenga and golden sequin work blouse with iconic dusty rose latkans. Pick this as your mehendi outfit or for haldi and even as a bridesmaid lehenga for your BFF’s wedding. With a light palette like this, it’s best to keep your makeup on the nude side.

Plum and Onion Colour Bridal Lehenga

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (24)

This twirling bride donned up in an onion pink lehenga with silver embroidery and a plum purple sheer dupatta for her d-day. If this combination is right up your alley, complement the look with gold jewellery and bold eye makeup with muted lipstick for a picturesque wedding.

Medallion Yellow and Mint Green Lehenga

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (25)

Among all the latest bridal lehenga colours that have been trending this wedding season, medallion yellow and mustard are the most prominent ones. This zardozi lehenga was paired with a sheer mint green dupatta and bold makeup. You can pick this combination as a twist to your haldi outfit or this even works as a bridesmaid’s ensemble. With the use of a light dupatta, our fair toned brides will carry this look the best.

Peaco*ck Blue and Rose Pink Velvet Lehenga Colour Combination

Latest Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations for 2024 Indian Weddings! (26)

Be the trendsetter in your wedding with this contemporary pastel pink and turquoise royal lehenga colour combination that will bewitch all your guests. This bride chose a pastel pink blouse and dupatta with a velvet turquoise lehenga adorned with intricate gold floral motifs and embroidery. You can also pick this combination if your wish to give your minimal aesthetics a bold twist without going overboard.

With this, we conclude our list of 25+ lehenga colour combinations set to trend in the wedding season of 2024. Did you find a pick that you resonated with? Hurry to bookmark and don’t forget to tag us in your wedding photos!

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Which type of lehenga is in trend 2024? ›

The Minimalist Elegance

2024 also welcomes the minimalist lehenga, championing “less is more.” These lehengas focus on exquisite fabrics and precise, clean cuts over heavy embellishments. The beauty of these garments lies in their simplicity, proving that elegance can be whisper-quiet.

Which Colour is in trend for bridal lehenga? ›

This season, we see the bridal lehenga trends of 2023 and 2024 shift towards a palette that balances traditional vibrancy with modern subtlety. From the classic allure of reds and maroons, symbolising love and strength, to the understated elegance of cream and the serene yet bold statements of blue.

Which Colour combination is best for lehenga choli? ›

  • The Best Colours For Your Bridal Lehenga.
  • Seafoam.
  • Powder Blue.
  • Blush Pink.
  • Red.
  • Bright Pink.
  • Ivory.
  • Peach.

What is the latest trend in lehenga? ›

Pearls are making a comeback, adorning lehengas with a touch of classic elegance. From delicate pearl embellishments to elaborate pearl clusters, this trend adds a timeless charm to bridal and festive wear.

What is the fashion trend in Indian bridal in 2024? ›

Icy pastels: like cucumber, dew, pink and lavender will continue to be popular especially for spring day weddings. Beige luxury: A new untypical entrant is beige, with designers like Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar and Punit Balana, amongst so many others, pitching this palette strongly.

What is the best color combination for an Indian wedding? ›

Red is the most popular color regarding Indian weddings because it symbolizes passion, love, joy and purity. This is the most commonly used for a bridal dresses, and it is often paired with gold and other vivid colors. In fact, red along with gold are the most widely used colors in Hindu Indian weddings.

What color is best for Indian bride? ›

Radiant Red

The color red symbolizes love, passion, and joy in Indian culture and is the most preferred color by the bride. It is seen as a beautiful color to celebrate the union of two hearts and is believed to bring good luck and fortune.

How do I choose a bridal color? ›

5 steps to choosing your wedding color palette
  1. Consider the color wheel. While there are no hard and fast rules for wedding color schemes, there are some foundational design principles you might find useful. ...
  2. Complement your venue. ...
  3. Keep it seasonal. ...
  4. Take inspiration from trends. ...
  5. Consider the mood you'd like to create.

Which colour is trending now? ›

Deep yellow and blue color palette

The strong contrast of bold yellow and deep blue embodies energy and calm equally. Integrating these colors into design and fashion is perfect for uplifting and grounding at the same time. This deep blue is the perfect segway into our next color trend, blue.

What kind of lehenga to wear to look slim? ›

Opt for lightweight fabrics like georgette, chiffon, or crepe, which drape beautifully and create a slimming effect.

Which type of lehengas are in trend now in India? ›

Trending Lehenga Styles

Pastel hues, metallic accents, and floral motifs are particularly popular, adding a touch of romance and sophistication to bridal and festive wear.

Which is the most expensive lehenga in India? ›

As per reports, Isha Ambani Piramal's wedding lehenga costed roughly $1.08 million (i.e. INR 90 crores) and it is currently put on display at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) in Mumbai.

What make lehenga look fluffy? ›

To make lehenga skirt flared, tulle netting is attached to the lehenga from inside. It gives volume to the lehenga. Here in Mumbai, we call tulle netting as can can.

Which fabric is in trend for lehenga? ›

The fabric of choice for lehengas is chiffon, georgette, net or crepe.

Which type of lehenga has more flare? ›

Circular Lehenga Skirt

The circular skirt is one of the most flared types with the bottom hemline forming a neat circle. The fall resembles that of erstwhile ball gowns.

Which dress is going on trend? ›

Sheer Dresses

Championed by Dior, Staud, Prada, and many other high-fashion designers for back-to-back seasons now, the trend is all about empowerment—where women can celebrate their bodies in all their beauty. The peek-a-boo dress style lets you choose what and how you decide to reveal your body.

Is velvet lehenga out of fashion? ›

Velvet lehengas come and go out of fashion, but right now, they're very much in vogue. In fact, not just lehengas, it's even other bridal outfits in the trousseau like velvet sarees and suits that ar...


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