DIY Wedding Flower Kits that Are On-Trend and Unbelievably Beautiful (2024)

By Kati Clyde

Are you a creative bride that loves a good craft project like DIY wedding flower kits? Or are you a bride that is trying to save some money by doing your own wedding flowers? Regardless of your floral experience or expertise (or lack thereof), you’ve come to the right place. This article will set you up for success when it comes to arranging your own flowers for your wedding. You’ll have gorgeous wedding flowers that your guests will never forget!

Many brides who decide to DIY their own flowers decide to use artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are beautiful, delicate, and fragrant. However, they can be quite difficult to keep alive. If you’re arranging your flowers a day or two before your wedding, you might have some wilting flowers at your wedding, and then someone will have to run around and keep them watered and fresh. Do you really want to put yourself through all that stress leading up to your big day? If not, artificial flowers are the perfect solution for you.


You should be aware that not all artificial flowers are created equally. Some fabric flowers are quite cheap looking and will not look nice for a day as important as your wedding. Other artificial flowers, such as silk flowers, dried flowers, or wood flowers, are high quality and will look stunning and realistic. Silk flowers are made from beautiful, soft silk and formed into realistic-looking flowers, such as hydrangeas, roses, orchids, and more. Wood flowers are also great for crafty brides because they can be dyed to match any color, and they can be ordered in convenient DIY bouquet kits.

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So, once you’ve narrowed down the options of artificial flowers, you’ll need to nail down all of your wedding floral arrangements. Now it is time to plan which different DIY wedding flower kits you’ll need to get for your big day. Here are a few of the traditional flower arrangements that most brides choose to have at their weddings.


First of all, you’ll need a few different types of bouquets at your wedding if you’re following floral tradition. You’ll need a large, unique bouquet for the bride. Then, you’ll have smaller bouquets that are similar in design and color for the bridesmaids. Your flower girls might also have matching pomander bouquets. If you want all of your bouquets to match nicely, consider ordering artificial flowers in bulk. This will also save you money as you’re getting all of the supplies to arrange these bouquets yourself.

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Next up, you’ll need to plan on having quite a few boutonnieres. Your groom and groomsmen will all need matching boutonnieres. The fathers of the bride and groom also traditionally have boutonnieres, as well as the grandfathers if they are still living and in attendance.


Traditionally, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom receive corsages that match the colors and flowers of the rest of the bridal party. If you love the thought of a matching corsage but want something more unique, try making an oversized corsage that covers half of the forearm and is secured in two locations. This type of corsage is very stylish and romantic.


You will also likely need some floral centerpieces for your wedding. If you’re feeding your guests and a luncheon or reception, a beautiful centerpiece can dress up the tables where they’ll be sitting. Floral centerpieces don’t have to be anything complicated. They can consist of some bud vases and individual blooms, or an oversized bouquet in a pretty vase.


Another beautiful floral arrangement that you might use at your wedding is a floral garland. Garlands are typically used to decorate the head table at a luncheon or reception, where the bride and groom are seated. If you need some inspiration for beautiful wedding garlands, check out this article for some trendy ideas!

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How to Create a DIY Wedding Bouquet

Now that you know what flowers you need for your wedding, this simple tutorial for creating a DIY wedding bouquet will help you to get started. You can purchase a do-it-yourselfwedding flowerkitto help you to create gorgeous bouquets for your bridesmaids and yourself. These steps will also be applicable for the boutonniere, corsage, and centerpiece arrangement. Essentially, it is the finishing steps that will be a little different when you’re sizing and securing them. For now, enjoy this DIY bouquet tutorial. If you need additional step-by-step help with more details on creating a wedding bouquet, check out this article!

1. Focal Flowers

First of all, start off with your focal flowers. Your focal flowers are the largest flowers in your bouquet. Normally, they highlight some of your main wedding colors that you want to really stand out on your wedding day. Gather your focal flowers together in an aesthetically pleasing way that spreads out your colors.

2. Complementary Flowers

Next, start adding your smaller,complementary flowers to your bouquet that you’re building. Your complementary flowers are usually smaller flowers, like chrysanthemums, that encompass complementary shades. Mix these around and in between your focal flowers.

3. Floral Filler

Start filling in the small gaps between your flowers with some floral filler. Floral filler usually consists of tiny, textured flowers such as baby’s breath that will add some volume and variety to your bouquet.

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4. Greenery

Finally, work on framing your bouquet with some nice, frothy greenery. If you have some smaller sprigs of greenery, you can work them in the middle of your bouquet to add some variety. This can help give your bouquet a professional and finished look. Even if you’re using artificial flowers you can use real, fresh greenery.

5. Finishing Touches

To finish off your bouquet, secure it with some rubber bands and floral tape until you feel that every flower and sprig is kept firmly in place. To cover up the rubber bands, wrap the stems in some ribbon, burlap, or lace, depending on your personal style and aesthetic.


DIY Wedding Flower Kits that Are On-Trend and Unbelievably Beautiful (2024)


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